Photo Workshops by Keith Ratcliffe.

All workshops can be delivered in Central Scotland within 30 miles of Stirling.

This is a lecture style Powerpoint presentation of images to illustrate the use of  Timing, Lighting & Composition as a means to produce better pictures. It is supported by a set of notes and lasts about  2 hours.

This is a practical workshop based indoors & out that looks at the way we look at things to turn them into images. It starts with simple exercises & leads to group and individual work outside to collect images. It lasts about 2 hrs but can be extended to include more individual time making images. People need a camera & if possible a tripod.

A carefully chosen walk with lots of opportunity for taking photographs and talking about how we do that. A series of activities are combined with input from photographer as and when appropriate.

An instructional workshop which covers how to work with a digital camera in terms of saving, storing and retrieving images in an organised manner – also called “Digital lessons I have learned” – lasts about 90 minutes & supported by notes.

A lecture style presentation on the use of Photoshop to work on digital images. It concentrates on achieving the printed image that you visualised when you saw it rather than graphic trickery. It is supported by a set of notes and there is open opportunity for questions to make it interactive. It lasts about 3 hrs.

These are sessions tailored to suit an individual or group needs and it starts with participants setting an agenda for learning about scenic photography and working through it. Highly practical & interactive – lasts as long as people want!

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