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Essays by Keith Ratcliffe   © 2011

8 Short pieces of writing on walking, climbing & photography.

Testing the Vitality   A short essay on solo climbing

"The risk of fatal fall - small, but sufficient to hone the cutting edge that decides between success and failure."

Celebration    Photography in the Lake District

My concentration on a particularly attractive play of light which is developing on the water absorbs me and intensifies the silent stillness of the April morning.
Pilgrimage    A visit to Loch Coruisk on Skye

" ' I never thought I would get here', I said to myself as I pulled up on the tiny quay at Elgol. This statement was not a reflection of the time it takes to get from Coventry to Skye but more a recognition of a life long ambition to get to the island that all mountaineers must go to at some time in their career."

Making the most of your time    A photographic walk on Kerrera

This delightful half day rescued the week in terms of photography and it has also inspired me to return for a longer look at this small island.
Walking or Photography?    Discusses the choice between the two activities

I discovered the tripod .... but a Light & Land weekend revealed the real reason to use the three legged friend – it slowed you down!

The Trig Point on the edge of the world    A visit to the summit of St Kilda

The cliffs here drop right from the very top point 380m into the sea – they are the highest sea cliffs in Great Britain

Joe Cornish during a workshop :- "Photograph the light. In the dramatic presentation that is a photograph, the light is the player, the subject is the stage.
Concentrate on the performance."