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Dedicated to Landscape Photography in Scotland
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Interface Images
Kings Park Photo Walk
A set of images that illustrate the concept
behind the name of this website
Images from participants on  the 2010 Stirling Access Festival event "A Walk with a Photographer"
Workshops Landscape diary
I can offer a range of photographic workshops in the outdoors .
Full details are available on this page.
The Landscape section of the site is regularly updated with topical observations of Life in the Countryside.

My name is Keith Ratcliffe and I live in Stirling - Scotland. I am a photographer and walker who has been collecting landscape images for nearly thirty years and this site allows me to share some of those with other people. As well as three galleries of photographic images there is a page devoted to essays about photography & the outdoors.
I hope you enjoy your visit to Interface Images, please contact me with comments - feedback is the breakfast of champions!

Phone: 07890 119827 or e-mail:

Fay Godwin from The Edge of the Land - "These photographs show man’s essential and natural affinity
with the land, and nowhere is this more poignantly apparent in a seafaring nation  
than at the interface between rock and water, terra firma and the tidal ocean." 

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